Thursday, October 22, 2015

Go ahead...

So I rolled out of bed...ready, ok not so ready to face this day. Stumbling thru the house, heading to the kitchen to make the coffee...( I don't even drink coffee). Though the mood wasn't bad then, it has started to take a dark turn. So dark, that I find myself irritating me!

I am not sure that the deal is...maybe it is just an average day. Orrrrr maybe, just is
                                                        GOOD          Versus          EVIL
I usually don't feel like this..not saying that it doesn't ever happen. But...I can usually shake it easier. Today I seem to be struggling with it.

COULD IT BE: that there is sooo much to do around here? LOL and yet here I sit, blogging about it.

COULD IT BE: that the people around you that are constantly doing stupid stuff, so that all you can do is
COULD IT BE: I am just feeling overwhelmed, kinda like the Hoover Dam, that might have a slight crack..and no gum to be found?

All I can say is I hope if you cross my path today...that u approach me with caution...and that you will be lucky and catch me in a moment that will cause you no pain or harm.....otherwise

Until then...I will keep working on the attitude, I am pretty sure there is a 2 x 4 around here somewhere....

In the meantime, there are dishes to be done, laundry that needs washed, dust bunnies that need slayed, people to be picked up and dropped off, and appointments to be attended.

                                                        Hi Ho Silver and away!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I hear ya' SS. I've got a shit ton of stuff to do and I'm doing none of it, why? Because it'll be there later or tomorrow when I'm feeling up to it. I don't qualify to be a contestant on Hoarders so I'm good, and you are too. Relax, take it easy, say some prayers, seriously pray your way out of this funk and listen to some music. Proven study, music is an almost instantaneously mood changer. :)

  2. I think we all have days like that Sherry, I know I do...
    Mine usually starts with waking from a dream that puts me in a bad mood. I never have bad/scary dreams, I have piss me off until I'm fighting mad dreams. If that happens to be the last one before waking, you better stay out of my way for most of the day, because the pump is primed and ready to go...if you know what I mean.