Friday, April 1, 2016



As I sat and looked at these little feet. 
I wondered how many adventures they would find themselves on. 

Adventures that will bring tears...things that will not turn out the way they hope. Friends that will fade out of their lives. 

Adventures that will lead them to places they could only dream of. That they will see things that will hold such beauty. 

Adventures that will bring a smile to their face and happiness to their hearts. 

I hope for the them the last. 
I hope their smiles out weigh their tears, 
that the good times out weigh the bad,

I hope that when the opportunity comes, that they will not be afraid to take that first step..

One that will lead to many great 



  1. What a beautiful post Sherry. I hope that many of their adventures include their amazing Gma. :)

  2. What a great post to start the A-Z Sherry!!! I loved it!!! How many miles and so many places those feet will take them...
    Welcome back!!!