Friday, April 15, 2016


No, they are not the Rockies..which I have heard are pretty spectacular. 
But, these are my mountains!
(Ok, Mine and thousands of others)
But, I don't mind sharing. 
Especially if they can bring the peace and comfort to others that they bring to me. 

I have gone to these mountains all my life. This was where as a kid we vacationed with life long friends. So for me as a child these mountains were fun. 

Now, I go to these mountains as an adult. I take my kids there, I go with just my hubby and I or I go down and spend some time with the friends that have always been a part of my life. 
Oh, they still represent fun. They are still a vacation place. 
But, now they are now soooo much more.

Now they are a place I go to refresh. Relax. Revive.
These mountains are a shot in the arm.
When life gets overwhelming, they are a place to go, and leave all those cares behind.
As a kid, I only saw the fun. The time spent with friends. The place to run, and spend Dad's money on vacation stuff. 

Now, I see the beauty. I see the awesome world that God has created for me. (Yes, once again, I realize He created it for everyone else too!) 
But, while here, in these mountains, I breathe in the peacefulness, the beauty. Then I exhale the stress.

You see, this is what my mountains have become to me....


  1. Great pictures. It's not surprising you love these mountains. The air must be amazing to breathe. Lovely post. Thank you for sharing.