Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Things come and go...there are beginning and endings to most things.
Until we are called from this earth, there is no end.
Oh, sometimes it may seem so, as we see friendships end, 
children grow up, 
loved ones pass away. 
But, yet, these, though they seem to be endings, are really beginnings. 
We just need to look to realize that we are moving into a new time in our lives. 
New friendships will be made..
In those friendships we will find the support and love that we will need at this particular time. 
Our children will find their paths in this life, and while doing that will bring into ours,
pride in their accomplishments, grandbabies that will bring us to a love we never could comprehend. 
And with the ending of their needing us for everything, we will find a beginning, where they will only need us for a bit. That leaving us with a beginning where we can once again spend some time on ourselves.
Our lost loved ones are now in a place that we can't begin to comprehend. They have a new beginning like no other. 
We find ourselves at a beginning, where we are learning to live with out them. 
So you see, an end only brings a new beginning..
This new beginning, can be all that you make of it. 


  1. I really, really love this so much Sherry. So wonderful, and ya' know. I know the affect passing from this world into the next has on the ones left behind but man. I really can't wait to see what's on the other side. I say that, meaning I'm in no hurry and I certainly won't help myself along but I'm so stinkin' curious. It's amazing to me that it is in fact nothing we can comprehend but I sure would like someone to come visit and share! :)

  2. Heaven just gets sweeter when we lose a loved one. Like you, I am ready to see what it will be like. Where things we find precious here will seem so small. Gold will be the streets we will walk on..etc. I mean when I say I am ready, I know I am going there...not ready as in wanna leave any time soon. I wanna see my kids continue in life, see my grandbabies grow and see their excitement as they learn new things. Just think...all the time we will have. NO sorrows. no tears,,,