Thursday, April 14, 2016

J=Just Me

Just Me

For so long I have always tried to be what every one else wanted me to be.
I actually became pretty good at acting. 

As a child growing up, my Dad had a drinking problem. But, I felt I had to cover that up. You see others had to think that our lives were perfect. (Or so I thought)

I wanted to fit in so much, that I would push back my own thought and agree with those I was with. I mean, if I disagreed with them they probably wouldn't like me right?

I never really realized that I wasn't being JUST ME. Because just me was the person that went with the flow...agreed to get along.

Well, now..I realize that it is ok to be JUST ME. 

It is okay that I have different ideas than others, 
It is okay if I don't think like they do. 

It is okay that I am a fixer. And guess what, it is okay that I can't fix everything.

It is okay that I am not perfect, that my kids are not perfect. (Cause if every one was honest, no one is perfect). And it is okay that people know that. 

It is okay that my favorite color is blue, I like popcorn, I am not a fan of roses, but I love wild flowers. I would rather be in the mountains, than on the beach, I love to read, my kids mean the world to me, I am a dreamer, I love to cook, I am not great at cleaning (oh, I do, but a maid would be awesome!), I love my friends, I can be lonely (you see, I really don't have close friends that live near to me), I know my kids are not perfect, but I will tear you up if you mess with them. 

It is okay that I do things that some think that I shouldn't, or I believe some things that you don't...It is okay that sometimes people will not like me (that one I still have to work on sometimes).

All of that is okay...because at the end of the day, 

I am 


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  1. Amen sistah! Welcome to my world and all of the challenges that come along with it. People never get me and guess what? It's okay, they don't have to. I am who I am - Just me. - And for the record. I love who you are. :)