Sunday, April 3, 2016


Can't say I have been able to master this...but I can say that over the past three years there has been plenty of change in my life. 

Change is just a normal part of life:
weather changes
work changes
people change
health changes

You would think with things constantly changing around us that we would be use to it.

Some changes are so small that we may not even notice the 5 lbs you lost, or the extra gray hair that has planted itself among the others.

Then some changes are life altering. Some for the good some for the bad.

I have had plenty of changes. Some of both. 

Over the last three years, I have been told things that I would never have imagined.
I have seen my kids make major changes in their lives. 
Now speaking as a mother, changes that I thought I was ready for, (because as we all know, that is what kids train them, instill in them the traits that you want them to carry thru life, things that will help them) but quickly found out that I wasn't nearly as ready as I thought
 From the moment you find out they are on their way, there are changes happening. 
They soon are ready to take that flight, spread their wings and have their own families. 
Can't say that I was ready for that change. 

I would have my moments of doubt, "they don't need me any more", "I will never see them any more" (ok, so never is an over exaggeration ). Those changes I didn't want...

But, as they find their own footing, I found that the changes weren't as huge as I had thought..
and in those changes, I actually found good. 

I have two beautiful new daughters, that I know love my boys. 
I have 5 awesome grandchildren..who brought a change in the amount of love I get to continue giving
So, as afraid of those changes I was...
I got some good..that I get to enjoy. 

Then not too long ago, another change came. I watched as my Dad grew older. Another change that you know is happening..but seems like a shock when you actually see it happening before your eyes. 

As I watched him slipping away, I realized more changes were coming. 
Saying goodbye those last few days, I found myself realizing that some changes are never easy. 

So...I got this, I know that changes, as hard as they may seem, can have a silver lining. I am not afraid...I can face them. 

What? My youngest is now preparing herself for some changes of her own?? Nothing drastic..but....

Changes none the less..

So comes that gnawing, unknowing fear of 



  1. What amazes me most about changes is our ability to some how get thru it. Some of the changes in our lives are so unexpected and things we think would never happen so we never mentally prepare for them and yet some how we muddle thru. Changes with my kids are my greatest surprises and often times challenges but I rely HEAVILY on the ONE who never changes. Perhaps that's how we get thru...

  2. I believe you are right, that is how we do get thru. If we could just remember that when we changes happening, remember that He is not surprised! Would make changes a little less scary.