Thursday, April 7, 2016

F= Feelings and Fun

Guess the start of this year has put me in an emotional mood.

Might be a lil on the Debbie Downer side (no offense to any one named Debbie!)

So starting with this post forward I am taking control...oh that is not to say that my feelings won't be crazy. I mean last night I missed my Dad soooo much. That I cried until I had a stuffed up nose and a headache. 

My hubby wanted to know what the trigger was. Lol, he wanted to know if it had anything to do with Merle Haggard dying? Now I am sure that you are asking "WHAT?"

You see, country music was the bonding that me and my Dad had. It was what we enjoyed together. 
But, wasn't Merle. 

There was a trigger...but for now, that will be kept for me to know. No sense in stirring up trouble.

Oh, that is right, I said I am taking control..and from here on out, we will be having some fun! Upbeat! No reason to let the way others act ruin your day.!!

Feelings are always there..
Fun can always be had....

Looking forward to the letter



  1. It's hard not to feel all the feels. I think it's best when we allow ourselves to experience what we need to experience, even grief. Control is taken inch by inch, so give yourself a break and keep on keeping on. Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    - Eli@CoachDaddy (#1152)

    1. Yes, feelings are tough. I am adjusting...Thanks for the encouragement. Like the control is taken inch by inch! Glad you stopped by!

  2. So sorry about your dad. It's okay to embrace the sadness when you need to. There is always time for that sunny yellow smiley cupcake, too.

    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Author Shonna Slayton: A to Z of the 1800s

    1. Thanks Shonna! It happens in wave I guess. Little things will bring a reminder. Yes, that sunny cupcake is my goal. Always can find something to smile about and to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's a daily struggle isn't it? I, like you, am determined to take control of it all. I will do what I can do in my life and if there's nothing I can do then guess what? I'll say a pray and pick up a book! Lol.. Seems so simple but whatta' ya' gonna' do, stew the day away, fret and fume? Nope. Not me. Not anymore. It doesn't change anything anyway so why bother. Smile on face, prayer in heart, book in hand. :)

    1. You know it! Smile is there, prayers continual, and always a book close by!