Friday, April 15, 2016


No, they are not the Rockies..which I have heard are pretty spectacular. 
But, these are my mountains!
(Ok, Mine and thousands of others)
But, I don't mind sharing. 
Especially if they can bring the peace and comfort to others that they bring to me. 

I have gone to these mountains all my life. This was where as a kid we vacationed with life long friends. So for me as a child these mountains were fun. 

Now, I go to these mountains as an adult. I take my kids there, I go with just my hubby and I or I go down and spend some time with the friends that have always been a part of my life. 
Oh, they still represent fun. They are still a vacation place. 
But, now they are now soooo much more.

Now they are a place I go to refresh. Relax. Revive.
These mountains are a shot in the arm.
When life gets overwhelming, they are a place to go, and leave all those cares behind.
As a kid, I only saw the fun. The time spent with friends. The place to run, and spend Dad's money on vacation stuff. 

Now, I see the beauty. I see the awesome world that God has created for me. (Yes, once again, I realize He created it for everyone else too!) 
But, while here, in these mountains, I breathe in the peacefulness, the beauty. Then I exhale the stress.

You see, this is what my mountains have become to me....

Thursday, April 14, 2016

L=Live, Love, Laugh

Live each moment...enjoy it, pack it away in your heart
Don't let it pass you by, don't be so busy trying to make a living that you forget to live.

Love with all you have, yes, sometimes it will hurt, but don't miss the joy. Imagine your life without love. Don't be afraid to share yourself. Love beyond measure, love with all you have, love unconditionally. 

Laugh a lot! Don't let a day pass you buy when you don't find something to laugh at. Be silly, don't be so serious that you don't laugh. A merry heart...The sound of a babies laugh....what good it does to the soul. 
So laugh, laugh til your belly hurts, laugh til you cry...

K=Krispy Kreme


This is a weakness. 
Thank goodness there are not any close to my home. 
Yeh, I know you can get them in a grocery. But it is just not the same. 

This is my Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg treat.

This building sees my business while I am there.
Now mind you, I only go once. Too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.

This is special, because I have made it a habit to only get these from here. When I am there. (Good thing I usually get there a couple of times a year!)

Nothing better than getting back to the cabin and cozying up with 
It is like a lil piece of heaven..right there in a box. So soft, and sweet. 

My kids laugh at me, as I sit there eyes closed, soaking in the moment. 

They go and ask if they can have one...what?!!
You know I love you my child, more than life itself, but 
Please, don't ask me to share my Krispy Kremes!

J=Just Me

Just Me

For so long I have always tried to be what every one else wanted me to be.
I actually became pretty good at acting. 

As a child growing up, my Dad had a drinking problem. But, I felt I had to cover that up. You see others had to think that our lives were perfect. (Or so I thought)

I wanted to fit in so much, that I would push back my own thought and agree with those I was with. I mean, if I disagreed with them they probably wouldn't like me right?

I never really realized that I wasn't being JUST ME. Because just me was the person that went with the flow...agreed to get along.

Well, now..I realize that it is ok to be JUST ME. 

It is okay that I have different ideas than others, 
It is okay if I don't think like they do. 

It is okay that I am a fixer. And guess what, it is okay that I can't fix everything.

It is okay that I am not perfect, that my kids are not perfect. (Cause if every one was honest, no one is perfect). And it is okay that people know that. 

It is okay that my favorite color is blue, I like popcorn, I am not a fan of roses, but I love wild flowers. I would rather be in the mountains, than on the beach, I love to read, my kids mean the world to me, I am a dreamer, I love to cook, I am not great at cleaning (oh, I do, but a maid would be awesome!), I love my friends, I can be lonely (you see, I really don't have close friends that live near to me), I know my kids are not perfect, but I will tear you up if you mess with them. 

It is okay that I do things that some think that I shouldn't, or I believe some things that you don't...It is okay that sometimes people will not like me (that one I still have to work on sometimes).

All of that is okay...because at the end of the day, 

I am 


Wednesday, April 13, 2016



This can be a difficult word. 

If you don't think so, just become a parent.

We get so use to them needing us, that when the time comes where they don't so much any more, we are at a loss.

I am learning...

Independence means that they are learning.
Learning to be comfortable, with those they are learning love them.

Learning to play and enjoy interaction.

Learning to explore
Learning there is a big world out there.

Learning to stand on their own.

Learning to grow up

Learning to be dads.

While we are learning to let go.

Independence doesn't mean they don't need you any more.
It just means they need you in a different way.

Independence is not something to be afraid of...
It is something to embrace..because

they are putting to use all that you taught them


Happy Hill Road

No, that wasn't the actual name of this road. But, when I was taking my son to work at the ungodly hour in the morning, this is the name I dubbed it. 

Not because I liked the hour, but because I decided to find something good in the trip. I found something that would make me happy in that time. 

That was one of those times when I realized it would be what I made of it. I could either be grumpy and let having to do that ruin my morning. Or, I could enjoy the quiet of the country. So, I named it my Happy Hill Road.

This was a time that I would either crank up the radio, and sing my heart out, or, I would just enjoy the quiet..knowing that in just a few minutes I would be back in the traffic, and the rest of my day would begin. 

I chose the peace, 
I chose to see the beauty,
I chose to enjoy the time with my son, 
I chose 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I always laughed when someone would make the joke when someone pulled out the grand kids pics


Have I shown you my grand kids??



Talan & Bella








I guess I never really understood how full the heart could feel. 
It is amazing how it feels when you think that your baby has a baby. 

I have been blessed to be able to babysit for mine while their parents work. 
Sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking lol...three lil ones at once. But I sure wouldn't change it for the world. I wouldn't miss one messy diaper, or one cry or one spilled cup for anything.
In return I get every lil smile, every lil hug, every lil laugh..yep

Grandkids are awesome!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

F= Feelings and Fun

Guess the start of this year has put me in an emotional mood.

Might be a lil on the Debbie Downer side (no offense to any one named Debbie!)

So starting with this post forward I am taking control...oh that is not to say that my feelings won't be crazy. I mean last night I missed my Dad soooo much. That I cried until I had a stuffed up nose and a headache. 

My hubby wanted to know what the trigger was. Lol, he wanted to know if it had anything to do with Merle Haggard dying? Now I am sure that you are asking "WHAT?"

You see, country music was the bonding that me and my Dad had. It was what we enjoyed together. 
But, wasn't Merle. 

There was a trigger...but for now, that will be kept for me to know. No sense in stirring up trouble.

Oh, that is right, I said I am taking control..and from here on out, we will be having some fun! Upbeat! No reason to let the way others act ruin your day.!!

Feelings are always there..
Fun can always be had....

Looking forward to the letter


Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Things come and go...there are beginning and endings to most things.
Until we are called from this earth, there is no end.
Oh, sometimes it may seem so, as we see friendships end, 
children grow up, 
loved ones pass away. 
But, yet, these, though they seem to be endings, are really beginnings. 
We just need to look to realize that we are moving into a new time in our lives. 
New friendships will be made..
In those friendships we will find the support and love that we will need at this particular time. 
Our children will find their paths in this life, and while doing that will bring into ours,
pride in their accomplishments, grandbabies that will bring us to a love we never could comprehend. 
And with the ending of their needing us for everything, we will find a beginning, where they will only need us for a bit. That leaving us with a beginning where we can once again spend some time on ourselves.
Our lost loved ones are now in a place that we can't begin to comprehend. They have a new beginning like no other. 
We find ourselves at a beginning, where we are learning to live with out them. 
So you see, an end only brings a new beginning..
This new beginning, can be all that you make of it. 

Monday, April 4, 2016


If you can't like someone, be their friend...because...
Their skin is different
There nationality is different
They believe differently
The dress differently

None of us are exactly the same on everything
We all have our differences
Imagine what a boring place if we were all the same!

I can't imagine what my life would be like with out some of my different friends!
(lol, I didn't mean it that way! Although, some of them are different!)

I can't imagine what I would be missing if I didn't have that quiet friend, or that friend that that laughs freely, or the one that can be a lil bossy at times, or the one that thinks a lot

Don't let lil differences make you lose out on some of the best friends you could ever have

Imagine your life without one of your friends...


I got on just now, thinking to check my response to the letter D...only to realize that I didn't have one...ugh, I thought I had added it last me work on is still the 4th right LOL...

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Can't say I have been able to master this...but I can say that over the past three years there has been plenty of change in my life. 

Change is just a normal part of life:
weather changes
work changes
people change
health changes

You would think with things constantly changing around us that we would be use to it.

Some changes are so small that we may not even notice the 5 lbs you lost, or the extra gray hair that has planted itself among the others.

Then some changes are life altering. Some for the good some for the bad.

I have had plenty of changes. Some of both. 

Over the last three years, I have been told things that I would never have imagined.
I have seen my kids make major changes in their lives. 
Now speaking as a mother, changes that I thought I was ready for, (because as we all know, that is what kids train them, instill in them the traits that you want them to carry thru life, things that will help them) but quickly found out that I wasn't nearly as ready as I thought
 From the moment you find out they are on their way, there are changes happening. 
They soon are ready to take that flight, spread their wings and have their own families. 
Can't say that I was ready for that change. 

I would have my moments of doubt, "they don't need me any more", "I will never see them any more" (ok, so never is an over exaggeration ). Those changes I didn't want...

But, as they find their own footing, I found that the changes weren't as huge as I had thought..
and in those changes, I actually found good. 

I have two beautiful new daughters, that I know love my boys. 
I have 5 awesome grandchildren..who brought a change in the amount of love I get to continue giving
So, as afraid of those changes I was...
I got some good..that I get to enjoy. 

Then not too long ago, another change came. I watched as my Dad grew older. Another change that you know is happening..but seems like a shock when you actually see it happening before your eyes. 

As I watched him slipping away, I realized more changes were coming. 
Saying goodbye those last few days, I found myself realizing that some changes are never easy. 

So...I got this, I know that changes, as hard as they may seem, can have a silver lining. I am not afraid...I can face them. 

What? My youngest is now preparing herself for some changes of her own?? Nothing drastic..but....

Changes none the less..

So comes that gnawing, unknowing fear of 


Saturday, April 2, 2016



I always wanted to keep a diary. But, seems that when I get one started, I only get so far. I find that am doubting that what I am writing is of importance. I mean what if something were to happen to me, and someone found my diary?

Would they laugh?
Would they shake their heads and wonder why I even thought what was written was important?
The same with blogging. 
I don't know how many times I have started...then stopped. More times than I care to count. 
I so enjoy reading blogs of so many of you...I find myself laughing, crying, thinking. 
Maybe I should start by not trying to write a whole story, maybe just a thought...
Who knows....I might just turn into a blogger like some of you!

Friday, April 1, 2016



As I sat and looked at these little feet. 
I wondered how many adventures they would find themselves on. 

Adventures that will bring tears...things that will not turn out the way they hope. Friends that will fade out of their lives. 

Adventures that will lead them to places they could only dream of. That they will see things that will hold such beauty. 

Adventures that will bring a smile to their face and happiness to their hearts. 

I hope for the them the last. 
I hope their smiles out weigh their tears, 
that the good times out weigh the bad,

I hope that when the opportunity comes, that they will not be afraid to take that first step..

One that will lead to many great