Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Happy Hill Road

No, that wasn't the actual name of this road. But, when I was taking my son to work at the ungodly hour in the morning, this is the name I dubbed it. 

Not because I liked the hour, but because I decided to find something good in the trip. I found something that would make me happy in that time. 

That was one of those times when I realized it would be what I made of it. I could either be grumpy and let having to do that ruin my morning. Or, I could enjoy the quiet of the country. So, I named it my Happy Hill Road.

This was a time that I would either crank up the radio, and sing my heart out, or, I would just enjoy the quiet..knowing that in just a few minutes I would be back in the traffic, and the rest of my day would begin. 

I chose the peace, 
I chose to see the beauty,
I chose to enjoy the time with my son, 
I chose 

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  1. This post is spot on! And this applies to everything in life. It's what we choose.. No matter what..