Monday, September 21, 2015

Alone? Not...

Do you ever feel like you are all alone when it comes to bad times? Well, you are not. Something that lately I have had to remind myself of.

I believe the ol devil gets his foot in any way he can. We have gone from our washer croaking ( I know, nothing big), to our van telling us that we have been saying hang on for far too long, to my Mom in Law leaving this world behind, to last nite my Dad being taken to the hospital, having a possible mini stroke. To my heading to the Dr. today, thinking I have an ear infection...ugh.

As hard as it is sometimes to remember, God knows what is going on...He has this..and He doesn't need my help. He just needs me to give it to Him. Now, did I say that I have that one down? buuuahhh, are you kidding me? Not a chance. I got that worry wart gene, it was passed down naturally.

So when you feel like you are alone in a fight, just know that there is someone else out there going thru the same thing, or something harder..but more than that..know that He's got this. You are never alone.

I will keep ya to try and get things done...=)


  1. I hope your dad is on the mend, and I KNOW for certain that God has "this," whatever "this" is and ALL that this is.. He showed me personally that He is there, and that all of our loved ones on the "other side" are most definitely there, and they can hear us... Amen, amen, amen!

  2. Yeppers! I know who holds tomorrow! Sometimes we just lose track of that. Yep, Dad is on the mend. He is still at the hospital, but mainly for in house therapy. His right side is a lil weak. The leg more than the arm.. But soooo very thankful that he is doing ok. =)