Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Well, that is the plan. I mean I can't say that mind thought will change. I could get bugged by my ear ache that has been around for over a week. (oh, it is improving, but still can't sleep because the pressure on it when I lay down keeps me awake.) Or I could hear that someone is talking badly about me...knowing the person, it is not really surprising. But, hey, I know how I treat them, and ALL that I do for them. So, their problem not mine. Or, I could realize that I had my grocery list all written down, and now I can't find it!

But, nope, gonna try to fill all of the above. What, you are still laughing?

Ok, I might make it, if I call it an early day.

Oh wait, I forgot..my ear hurts when I lay down..
Since I got behind..again. Thought I would let u in on my being good project. I am wanting to get back to you all later on today.

I will let ya know how I did on the being nice..etc.

Til then!


  1. Clearly I need to keep signed into blogger so I don't miss any more of your posts! I've had that "gonna' be productive" bug for almost two weeks, unfortunately other things came up BUT, I'm back on and Imma' gonna' do it! I signed up for two blog challenges and I WILL SUCCEED!! - Tell whoever's talkin' crap about you that I'm gonna' beat their ass! Unless it's a family member that you may one day be on good terms with again, in which case, I'll just cheer you on while YOU do the ass whoopin'. ;)

  2. Lol, you always make me laugh. Yep, Ya never know when I might just jot something down. Seems to be so busy around here lately.

    I will let ya know on the butt whoopin. ;)