Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good Neighbors

It has been a long couple of weeks...but we are moving on thru them. Ended up renting a car (good thing we get the family discount!) which we returned today.

My youngest son was gone to schooling for the Army this past two weeks..and I went out to do laundry and hang out with Jenna while she was helping them out. We took a walk around town...I was feeling like we had gone back in time...or maybe we were visiting People would wave and smile...some stopped to chat. Don't see that very often any more. We are a people that push the button making our garage doors go up, pull in and close it behind us. Maybe a lil more of the knowing your neighbor would change the way things seem to be going.

All that to say, we have been blessed with some pretty awesome neighbors. Tonite there was a knock on the door. Our neighbor stood there with a big bag..she said after your past couple of weeks, we just wanted you to have some comfort foods. So she handed me the bag, said Enjoy..there was a huge container of pulled pork, a huge container of pasta salad, and a big pan of brownies.

How often do we take time out of our day, busy as they can sometimes be to think about what others may be going thru? What would it be like if we actually tried to make that a habit?


  1. Good neighbors truly are a blessing.. Our neighbors here aren't real chatty or neighborly but I fulfill that need with my church people and friends around town. Even on nice days you don't see people out n' about around here, so weird but I'll keep looking. :)

  2. I have no doubt that you will find a way to be someone's blessing! =) I know you have been mine!