Friday, September 18, 2015

Missed some days...

I have a good reason this time.....

This is my beautiful mother in law...She went home to heaven on Sept 4. We were in Michigan for a week.

Home now, and from one thing to another. Van is acting up, so have a rental. Ugh, so not ready for a car payment again. A headache since Tuesday. Washer still not working...oh the list could go on and on. BUT....gonna focus on the if I could just find it.

Here is something good!! I love this picture! =) She is a joy! I love her so very much...can't wait to meet our two new ones on the way...won't be long..first one is due Nov 4!! Then a few short weeks later the next! Did I mention that Nana gets to babysit them?? I am soooo excited!! Of course the hubby thinks I am crazy!! lol..

Another good.....
This girl will be returning home....she has been taking care of these two....
For these two..
While Josh has been gone for two week schooling for the Army. Well, taking care of them while Maria was at getting them off to school and being there when they get home, a lil help with the housework and dinner prep. I am ready for her to be back here.

Well, I think I will go stand under the hot shower water...maybe that will help with the headache.

Until later...


  1. Sorry to hear about your mother in you were back in Michigan for the horrible heat? Sorry about that too!!! Lol

    1. Thanks...yes it was warm a few of the days...then we got in on some of the cooler before we headed back home.

  2. I'm very, very sorry for your loss Sherry, and for the mechanical difficulties you're experiencing with your vehicle and washing machine, two huge things in our lives that we depend on sooo much. My vehicle was just in the shop and it was not fun at all! So much in labor costs.. I wish I had become a mechanic! Holy smokes, huh? I hope that you and your family are finding peace and comfort in wonderful memories, and that your mechanical issues get resolved soon. For what it's worth, I will be praying for you. - Always..

    1. Thanks SS. For now we have a washer that will do til we can either figure out the other one or purchase a new washes that is a plus lol. As for the van...I think it is tired of hearing us say, "Just hold on a lil while longer!" It is ready for us to let it go lol. Yeh, I hear ya on labor! And always the prayers are greatly appreciated!